“As a busy professional with a family, I need a gym that provides a great and efficient workout with a friendly staff. Mr. B, with his years of experience, has put together the perfect gym and staff for those who want to get in shape, learn how defend oneself, and have a great time doing it. People of all ages and fitness goals should check this place out.” – John O


“My brother and I were your first students I believe when you opened in the old pizza place in Poway before you moved to the dojo in the strip mall. I ultimately brought my son Matthew to you there. I was thinking of that and looked you up and wanted to say hi. I hope you are well. I have lived around the world and now settled in Texas. I will always remember you teaching us and more so my little boy who is now 30 years old. He is a manager at Old Town State park and I am so proud of the man he has become. I feel you helped him along the way at an early impressionable age. Please know you had a huge positive impact on myself and my son.” – Bob/Bobby


“I am so impressed with the program your group put on for the self-defense class. I really got a lot out of it and feel privileged to know what I now know. I think it is so wonderful what you offered this for the community. What a fantastic opportunity!“ – Melissa Brown


“Choosing Poway Kenpo Karate was the best thing we ever did for our 7 year old son.  He was only 5 when we started and he has advanced to blue belt with lots of practice and awesome teaching.  The facility, the teaching programs, and the level of teaching are spectacular.  You can tell the Barkers care about each and every student – we are proud to be a part of the Poway Kenpo Karate family.” – Bryan and Sandy Bloom


“Hello Friends, I wanted to share some information about the self-defense class I took Sunday and again encourage you to take the class there (Poway Kenpo Karate) or anywhere a similar class is offered. Today I am sore and bruised but so grateful to have had this exposure. Many of you may already have training of some sort but I was truly unaware! I gladly welcome the bumps today for the knowledge and confidence I gained.” – Esther Amano


The following came to me in an email more than 20 years after this student was at my school – B.


“Barry, I’m doubting you will remember me specifically. My name is Brook Foster. I received lessons from you when I was around 7 years old (started in 1987) for about 3 years. I’m not sure how large your studio is now, but I can assume the huge growth Poway experienced has also allowed your studio to grow tremendously since the mid 1980’s. You may remember me best by the roll of quarters in my hand playing the “karate champ” video game for hours with fellow students. I even recall once, to overcome my fear of belt tests, you bribed me with $10 of quarters just to come. The reason I’m attempting to reach you with this email is communicate to you the impact of your training & lessons have had on my life. Through your instruction, I learned to control not just my body, but my emotions, my fears and my mind. With your help, I learned something much more powerful then discipline, I learned SELF-discipline. Since spending those early years in your classes, I have never been afraid of another human being in my life and I have made a difference in other people’s lives. I cannot explain to you the profound effect you have had on my life. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the part you played in nurturing the ideals within me I have grown to love. I’ve wanted to reach out & communicate this to you for many years but deliberated & delayed. So I say again, thank you for everything you have done. It gives me a sense of optimism to know you are still teaching & training today. Thank you Barry.” – Brook


“My daughter Sarah & I attended your free women’s self-defense class this last Saturday and we just really wanted to thank you and your staff for this amazing service you are giving to the women in San Diego! Wow! We really learned a lot and left empowered and invigorated! We’ve let all our closest friends know about these classes you are offering! May God Bless You abundantly as you so thoughtfully share your knowledge!“ – Karen Doyle


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your free self-defense class for women, which I attended with my daughter, was beyond my expectations; very hands on & physical & we learned a lot. Wanted to thank you and your staff for volunteering your time to help women for such a good cause.” – Joy Day & Autumn Scott


“Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support with Joseph. I was not able to make the tournament as a result of my job. However he showed me his first place medals and told me all about the tournament. He practiced hard at home in preparation of the tournament. His attitude and his demeanor have come a long way from when he first joined. He has a better attitude and his grades are perfect. He is a straight A student at Mt Woodson and is part of the GATES program. I appreciate all that you and your staff have done for him and the rest of the kids. He is very proud of his accomplishment in the tournament and his progress in class. He continually challenges himself to be good and his goal is the black belt. I am very proud of him and his accomplishments and his hard work. His first place medals were a great mothers day present for me and his grandmother. I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff.“ – Magda F


“To the Team at Poway Martial Arts, Although we hope to never have to beat the crap out of anyone, we are glad we have the skills to do it and the bruises to prove it! Thanks from the ladies of the Campbell family.” – Andrea, Tara & Jane Campbell


“I attended your free self-defense class with a bunch of friends this past Saturday. Thank you so much for volunteering your time! I really appreciate your efforts for me and all of the other people who you’ve given extra tools to defend themselves! You are all amazing.” – Jennifer Walker


“As a teacher of 25 years’ experience I would like to highly recommend Barry Barker as an outstanding teacher.  He is very knowledgeable and loves to teach and work with groups and individuals.” – Mary Templer (English Teacher PHS, National Honor Society Advisor)


“This weekend I attended the Self Defense Class you gave on Sunday. I learned so much and went away feeling empowered to fight off an attacker. I wanted to thank you for offering this free class to all of the women in our community. We had a good time, met a lot of great people, and felt grateful to you and your staff for offering their time on Sunday to teach us how to defend ourselves.” – Sally Byrd


“After watching a karate demo in the Poway library one day in 1989, we took advantage of some trial lessons offered by Poway Kenpo Karate.  Our son was five years old then, and nine years later he got his black belt in Kenpo Karate.  How and why did he persist?  It had to be the constant motivation, the excellent techniques and instruction, the numerous challenges, and the BELIEF in his potential that the Barker family and Poway Kenpo staff have provided.  On top of that, we have created a bond of lasting friendship with the Barker’s and many other families (at the karate school).” – Aurora and Chris Sarmiento


“Poway Kenpo Karate has been one of the most positive, fun and rewarding experiences for our son.  All of the instructors are highly qualified, with positive and encouraging attitudes and seem to enjoy their students.  Under the teachings, guidance and examples set by Mr. and Mrs. Barker there is an atmosphere of respect, camaraderie, support and friendship amongst the students at the school.” – Appreciative parents, Jeff and Karen Reed


“I’ve been with the Barkers for about 20 years and earned my black belt with them in 1992. Everyone at Poway Kenpo have been like family to me. The Martial Arts is World Class, the fitness is top notch, and the FUN is never ending. Great people and a GREAT school. Regards, Bryan A.K.A. Thunderfoot” – Bryan Taylor


“I attended your Self-Defense class on Sunday at 2pm. I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for offering your time, support and generosity into teaching us women. I am very impressed with your organization. The two classes that I’ve taken so far have been very helpful and I am just amazed at how much I am able to learn.” – Aileen


“Thank you for another outstanding year of instruction for our son.  We are very pleased with the disciplined instruction which has enabled him to focus on and advance in a physical activity that we hope he will enjoy for a lifetime.” – Christine Goldsmith (Municipal Court Judge) and Jan Goldsmith (former Poway Mayor, State Assemblyman, current Municipal Court Judge)


“We would like to take this opportunity to show our sincerest appreciation in the care and professionalism you have shown our son in the instruction of Karate.  He is involved in competition diving and we have noticed that the concentration and focusing that he has learned from you tremendously helps him in his diving.  You are an excellent example for the youth in your class and serve as a good role model for them to follow.  Your instruction on how to treat other living things and in how to take care of themselves is something that perhaps more people in this world should learn.” – Donald and Stephanie Starks (Poway Law Office)


“My son and I have been attending Poway Kenpo Karate for over a year now.  We thoroughly enjoy working with this great group of people.  Mr. and Mrs. Barker and their family are wonderful!  The instructors and other students are extremely supportive and friendly.  It is truly like having a second family.” – Denise Mehus


“The instructors and program are both fantastic. I’m so glad my daughter is a student at this school!” – Lou Ann Linder


“Poway Kenpo makes the community a better place by being here. All upper level belts are required to perform community service.” – Anonymous


“Serious training. Barry does a great job instructing the young ones (and those of us that are adults and making old people noises). He has a gift for explaining things that has been honed by his decades of martial arts training.” – Steve


“They have something for everyone in the family.” – Deanne


“Most family and friendly oriented.” – Barbara Boschen


“They’re the friendliest gym with the best instructors” – Catherine C. Y. Tong


 “True to the arts and an asset to the community! The BEST!” – Laddie Hosler


“The kids enjoy always attending they’re class. They have so much fun and learn at the same time.” – Jesus Aguilar


“They are great with the students because they teach with a lot of enthusiasm which the kids enjoy, and they give back to the community” – Mason


”Because they are extremely respectful, both to students and parents, the children love them, and they have so much fun while learning.” – Marichelle Burgos


“Very Friendly, great facility, and an awesome call structure!!!!” – Justin


“Poway Kenpo Karate —-is a great program. Martial Arts helps to teach discipline—–and self-protection–helps you plan to finish work you start on, build a future and be able to protect yourself in an emergency.” – Elyse Mercier


“Amazing team, awesome supportive environment! Love this place! Passionate about what they do, and it shows! Love you guys.” – Lynn Frank


“They are the best because they have the best teaching staff ever.” – Jose


“Every instructor there loves what they do, and it shows throughout the way that they motivate you. I am an amateur martial artist who has competed overseas and would not join a gym if I did not think it was the absolute best. Which this place is.” – Joshua Rittenberry


“Poway Kenpo Karate quickly made me realize there is a lot more to learn and it helped me during my professional kickboxing career. I have also noticed how the Kids excel in school and sports because they have the mental edge and discipline that they will have the rest of their lives.” – Adam Garcia


“They have been great examples to my son on the way to carry yourself.” – Barbara Delong


“Poway Kenpo Karate, an incredible place to learn, a great place to grow in life!” – Master Eric King


“I’m one of the Barker’s Black Belts and I’ve been training at Poway Kenpo since childhood. The Barkers have been like a second family to me. It’s a great place to train.” – Tyson


“Poway Kenpo Karate is an Amazing place! I’ve had the pleasure of being in the martial arts for 27 years now; been blessed to see and know so many martial arts instructors from around the world and I can tell you right now, that you will never find a more pleasant and more qualified place to train in the west coast.” – Master Eric King


“20 years ago Poway Kenpo Karate was my and my husband’s first experience as an adult with Karate, and to this Day even though we live in Ohio we still keep in touch with Barry! He is a great instructor and runs a phenomenal school!” – Cheryl A. Dukes


”Barry makes everyone feel like they’re a part of his family!” – C Dionese


“Great instructors/ instruction. Realistic martial arts for the entire family in a safe and friendly environment.” – Johnnie Gladden


“If I could give the gift of classes at Poway Kenpo to all my friends, I would, knowing that there isn’t anything I could do for them that would make their lives fuller and more harmonized. I love PKK… truly.” – Tina P. 


“Poway Kenpo Karate has truly brought balance into my life and things don’t really get much better than that!!!” – Josephine T. 


“Not only is Mr. B a superior teacher of martial skill, but a genuine master of health – three cheers for Poway Kenpo Karate!” – Tony A. 


“Mr. B. is a marvel, a maverick, and a master – how could it get any better than this!?” – Mike F.


“Poway Kenpo Karate is the best…our kids have trained at their studio for 4 years and still love it!!” – The Strommers 


“Any outstanding organization must have tremendous leadership to be considered one of the best. In Barry Barker, Poway Kenpo Karate has such a leader. I’ve been around several other Martial Art Studios, and none even come close to what Barry Barker has built up at Poway Kenpo Karate. I’m just sorry I moved away and couldn’t have kids learning under Mr. B.” – Doug Dukes


“Great place and great instructors.” – Sonali Soni


“They know exactly what kind of training people need and they rock out!” – John Barnes


“The most caring, a family is what Poway Kenpo Karate is! They take great pride in producing great Martial Artist!” – Josh Bauserman


“Poway Kenpo karate has an awesome staff, focused in a friendly environment; it was a very pleasurable experience.” – Denis


“Professional Staff, family-like environment, great workout classes, Overall great place!” – Laura Wynns


“Poway Kenpo Karate is a family owned and family oriented studio. The Barkers welcome everyone from young children to seniors, and their instructional standards are excellent.” – Barbara Durrant


“The Barkers have a great passion for the art and are dedicated to passing along the knowledge they have. There is a sense of community in the studio, and 15 years ago when my wife and I brought our young sons in for classes, we immediately felt like part of the community. My wife and I joined the adult classes shortly after our sons started!” – Dave Dunn


“This studio truly puts children first. The staff is concerned about the needs of each individual student.” – Elmer Edwards


“It’s a family karate studio. The atmosphere is cool. It’s great for kids, youth, and adults. The Poway Kenpo Karate demos are also cool with the forms along with music and self-defense techniques. Great workout and cool moves.” – Elmer Aguigam


“I enjoy the moves and the style of kenpo karate. It’s unique and effective on the streets.” – John Aguigam


“Fantastic operation at a great price. We can’t wait until our daughter is old enough to start taking karate.” – John O. 


 “Poway Kenpo is very family oriented.” – Tracey Edwards


“It’s really a cool place to be in, they’re fun and activities that can help us with our training. Poway Kenpo Karate Rocks!!!” – Laura Palacios


“I have been here for about 8 years now and have earned my black belt here. Poway Kenpo has such an optimistic atmosphere that is suitable for adults and children alike. If you want to learn self-defense (real self-defense) then come to Poway Kenpo. They really teach you how to defend yourself. Kenpo karate is such a singular art that no other style can match. Earn your black belt here!” – Eric Aguigam


“The Barker Family always provides a positive, encouraging and very skilled Martial Arts program for your kids.” – The Harper Family 


“Great curriculum for my son! He’s learned a lot!” – Anita Lum


“I have tried four other karate schools. Poway Kenpo is the only school that has established a consistent curriculum that all the trainers know and facilitate. In other words, the techniques that are taught don’t vary from trainer to trainer. Additionally, Poway Kenpo instills self-confidence in all their students in a fun and cordial atmosphere.” – Richard C.


“Best staff, best and safest programs, great variety for all levels. great workouts and family friendly atmosphere – not just about the money.” – Cindy Lacey


“The instructors are firm, focused and fun The instruction is: engaging, organized and thorough PKK is a place where the instructors love what they do and the students love being there.” – Tracy Boyd


“Everyone is super. I have learned how to not only take care of myself, but to help teach younger students in the school. People should take the chance and come to visit us.” – Czara Young


“They treat all of their students like family.” – Eric


“Great environment for children, family, adults. A wonderful group of people.” – Patricia Alvarez


“They’re very professional and give back to the community.” – Ray Santiago


“Poway Kenpo Karate isn’t just a place to get a good work out. It’s not only just a learning environment, but it’s also fun. You meet and make many great friends. Mr. and Mrs. B are great instructors, and not only do they have wonderful instructors that help teach classes they care about their members and newcomers, but they also make you feel like part of the family that they have created over the years in business.” – Angelica Beckley


“Great, caring staff and a wonderful way with the kids – kid friendly but firm on learning self-discipline through karate.” – Ted Slocomb


“A great family and kid friendly karate dojo.” – Mike Hartsfield


“They are amazing at everything they do and take so much time to help each student as an individual, they pride themselves on the success and happiness of their students” – Rohini


“Amazing people, atmosphere and opportunities for children and adults alike.” – Sandra Shean


“The Barker Family and their excellent teaching staff are genuinely committed to helping their students become the best people they can be, not just the best karate practitioners. They have a knack for welcoming everyone. The extracurricular activities they sponsor foster a community spirit beyond their studio.” – The Barnes Family


“The Barkers and all the gang at Poway Kenpo has the right attitude about life. They are great to be around!” – Danielle La France


“They teach much more than martial arts. The Barker’s are the best!” – Chris


“This a great school to start off in Karate, with its extensive curriculum combined with great workouts it is one of the best programs out there that concentrates on the mind, body, and spirit.” – Mitesh Solanki


“I would probably never go to a different karate school. They rock. ;)” – Eden


“Excellent facilities, Positive environment to train in.” – George Haughelstine


“This is a family run business where they make their students feel like members of the family. This style of Karate is very practical in the real-world self-defense, and I feel that the staff works hard to make sure you are prepared for keeping yourself safe.” – Robert


“My family’s lives have been greatly enrich by participation in the Poway Kenpo Karate studio. These are wonderful people who are working to better other’s lives, improve skills, and help our community.” – Pat B.


“Thanks for the great trainings and memories!!! Best of luck in the future, keep up the good work…” – Beechler


“Wonderful Environment For Families!!!” – Brian Beechler


“Sound technical instruction and style. – Varied training routine/cycles. – All the fitness you want.”

Scott Hoffman “This is a well-run business with a family oriented environment. I’ve been there almost 8 years and enjoy it immensely . I am glad the Barkers are here in Poway.” – Ken


“The staff is patient and pay attention to detail that are important. The training they offer helps develop your physical abilities as well as your confidence to defend yourself.” – Maranda


“My son has flourished at Poway Kenpo.” – Rick Lunde


“Family orientated, extra activities for all students and families such as summer & Halloween. Demos & family fun night combined with rigorous yet fun training.” – Anonymous


“Studio headed by Barry Barker, the best Kenpo Karate instructor in all of San Diego.” – Tim Mullins


“Thanks to the Barkers for all they do for the students.” – Joshua Taylor


“Love the people.” – Jennifer Taylor


“This studio is by far one of the best around. The Barker’s have a deep dedication to their students.” – Alexis


“A world class Karate Studio and fantastic people.” – Bryan Taylor


“Great classes for Kids. I have made a lot of good friends in the classes.” – Jonathan Taylor


“Mr. and Mrs. B are the best in the business! The studio focuses on strengthening important values such as respect and discipline, while ensuring everyone has an amazing time.” – David B 


“Instructors, trainers, staff are great with everybody. They have fun events throughout the year for the whole family. We love Poway Kenpo Karate.” – Erica Ramirez


“Great place for the kids! Awesome instructors! Real family environment!” – Phyllis Bailey