Poway Kenpo Karate

Welcome to Poway Kenpo Karate! We offer a traditional martial arts program with a modern teaching approach for children, teens, and adults. Kenpo Karate, originally Kenpo Jiu Jitsu, is based upon the best aspects of Asian Martial Arts and American innovation. This complete self-defense system uses the Kenpo method of basics and technique practice. Learn 3 primary fight ranges and 8 major angles of attack, while learning to defend yourself in all directions, against one or more than one attacker, with or without weapons. Develop skill in striking/kicking, body manipulation/ground grappling, controlling/submissions, plus invaluable vital target/pressure point knowledge. Kenpo utilizes many fighting methods including Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian & Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Wrestling, Aikido, and more, along with our own special blends. Learn how to use your body as a weapon as you develop skill in our safe, polite, and fun training environment with our skilled and dedicated staff. Our Youth Kenpo program especially has many wonderful benefits for children! Your child will improve strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination, all while learning discipline, focus, and respect. This, with a skill level in martial arts, leads to self-esteem and self-confidence that will carry over into school, home, and social interactions. Poway Kenpo was founded in 1984, and still run today by Barry Barker (aka Mr. B) M.A., 9th Degree, L.Ac. Mr. Barker has written 3 books and produced 15 martial art videos in his long martial arts career, and has promoted over 80 Black Belts, including 3 of his children, sons Josh (5th Degree) and Jordan (4th Degree), along with daughter Jessica (1st Degree). Come try our award-winning program for yourself and Get Started.

2014 (30-Year School Anniversary) Poway Kenpo Black Belt Photo Back L-R: Jim Loevenguth, Chandler Robak, Dr. John Hippen, Jon Fear, Kyle Froland, Tyson Bowen, Justin Slawson, Dave Arnold, Ed Theodore, Daniel Barnier, Dai Phipps, Jason Gonzales, Dave Dunn, Steve Mattson, Heath Gross; Middle L-R: Rosie Ramirez-Barker, Vinka Valdivia, Denise Ellison, Nicola Ruskin, Brian Gist, Dave Rosenberg, Tyler Hammond, Sheri Hughes, Jody Wall, Cassie Li, Daniel Wolsey, Colleen Heller, Patty Alvarez, Hailey Sokoloff; Front L-R: Tim Mullins, Jordan Barker, Barry Barker, Joshua Lara-Barker, Bryan Taylor

TINY TIGERS (3-6 Yr Olds)

Beginner level class. Safe, fun, challenging class geared for our youngest students.

Objectives: Mental Focus, Behavior, Listening, Etiquette, Discipline, Self-Esteem, Agility, Coordination, Fun.


Safe, fun classes designed to help develop the complete child.

Objectives: Structure, Mental Focus, Behavior, Etiquette, Discipline, Self-Esteem, Goal Accomplishment, Sportsmanship, Agility, Coordination, Fun.

KOOL KIDS (7-15 Yr Olds)

This age can excel so training can be a little more serious.

Objectives: Respect, Etiquette, Discipline, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Peer Training, Goal Setting & Accomplishment, Conditioning, Agility, Skill, Teamwork, Fun.

TIGERS & DRAGONS (15 Yr Olds & Under)

Intermediate & Advanced Kids.

Objectives: Leadership & Peer Training, Public Speaking, Anger Management, Non-violent Conflict Resolution, Superior Academics, a Calm Mind, an Energetic and Willing Spirit, Advanced Skill, Fun.

This came to me in an email more than 20 years after this student was at my school – B.

“Barry, I’m doubting you will remember me specifically. My name is Brook Foster. I received lessons from you when I was around 7 years old (started in 1987) for about 3 years. I’m not sure how large your studio is now, but I can assume the huge growth Poway experienced has also allowed your studio to grow tremendously since the mid 1980’s. You may remember me best by the roll of quarters in my hand playing the “karate champ” video game for hours with fellow students. I even recall once, to overcome my fear of belt tests, you bribed me with $10 of quarters just to come. The reason I’m attempting to reach you with this email is communicate to you the impact of your training & lessons have had on my life. Through your instruction, I learned to control not just my body, but my emotions, my fears and my mind. With your help, I learned something much more powerful then discipline, I learned SELF-discipline. Since spending those early years in your classes, I have never been afraid of another human being in my life and I have made a difference in other people’s lives. I cannot explain to you the profound effect you have had on my life. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the part you played in nurturing the ideals within me I have grown to love. I’ve wanted to reach out & communicate this to you for many years but deliberated & delayed. So I say again, thank you for everything you have done. It gives me a sense of optimism to know you are still teaching & training today. Thank you Barry.” – Brook


Barry Barker

Barry Barker

9th Degree Black Belt, Owner

Barry Barker (aka Mr. B) is a 9th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo (M.A. – Master of the Arts) with over 40 years of training. He is also a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) and a full-time school owner/teacher while running Poway Kenpo Karate / Poway Martial Arts for over 35 years and founded the American Kenpo Alliance (AKA). Mr. Barker has produced 15 instructional videos, written 3 books, and promoted over 80 Kenpo Black Belts. Personally, he has 5 adult children, 6 grandkids, and is an avid Salsa dancer. Formal Martial Arts Recognition:

  • Inducted Golden Global Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998
  • Inducted Masters Hall of Fame 2000
  • Inducted World Amateur Martial Arts International Federation 2006
  • Listed Heritage Registry of Who’s Who 2007
  • City of Poway Mayors Commendation for Civic Work 2010 & 2014
  • California State Senate Community Service Commendation 2012 & 2014
  • Inducted USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2014
  • Presidential Fitness Award 2017

Additional Personal Training:

  • Ed Parker, Advanced Kenpo Theory
  • Jeff Speakman, Kenpo Seminar
  • Joe Lewis, several Fight Training Seminars
  • Steve Nasty Anderson, several Fight Training Seminars
  • Orned Chicken Gabriel, 2 Years Personal Training & many Fight Training Seminars
  • Brian Adams, Knife & Stick Fighting Seminar
  • Dave Hebler, Power & Speed Seminar
  • Richard Post, Knife Fighting Seminar
  • Rick Hughes, many Classes & Seminars
  • Willy Steele, many Classes & Seminars
  • Toke Hill, Olympic Style Sparring Seminar
  • Mike Stone, Martial Arts Seminars
  • Eric Lee, Martial Arts Training Seminar
  • Parker Linekin, many years of Seminars & TrainingJohn Denora, Daito Ryu Seminar
  • George Dillman, Pressure Point Seminar
  • Prof. Wally Jay, several Small Circle Jiu Jitsu Seminars
  • Royce Gracie, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminars
  • Nelson Monteiro, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2 Years Training & Seminars
  • Carlos Valente, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 1 Year Training and Seminars
  • Vic Zamora, Boxing Personal Training
  • Vincent Soberano, Muay Thai Personal Training
  • Melchor Menor, Muay Thai Seminars & Classes
  • Nelson Siyavong, several Muay Thai Seminars
  • Kaewsamrit Muay Thai Training Camp, 2 Weeks Bangkok Thailand
  • Cepeda Brothers, Arnis de Mano Classes
  • Krav Maga, Certification Seminar
  • CDT, Certification Seminar
  • Cung Lee, San Shou Seminar
  • Jim Tian, Tai Chi Chuan several years
  • Frank Primicias, Lo Han Chi Gung Seminars
  • Chen Sitan, Taiji Seminar
  • Rey Leal, Tai Chi Personal Training
  • International Training Program, Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine in Chengdu, China