Teen/Adult Karate/Jiu Jitsu

“ We would like to take this opportunity to show our sincerest appreciation in the care and professionalism you have shown our son in the instruction of Karate. He is involved in competition diving and we have noticed that the concentration and focusing that he has learned from you tremendously helps him in his diving. You are an excellent example for the youth in your class and serve as a good role model for them to follow. Your instruction on how to treat other living things and in how to take care of themselves is something that perhaps more people in this world should learn. ” Donald and Stephanie Starks (Poway Law Office)

Poway Martial Arts is a family owned and operated facility with outstanding reviews and family rates. Kenpo was made famous by its late founder GM Edmund Parker. Kenpo utilizes refined Concepts, Principles and Theories as it relates to self-defense and movement. Get in great shape while learning real life skills, improving coordination and increasing confidence in a fun and safe training environment.