Karate Creed & Pledges

KENPO KARATE CREED I come to you with Kenpo Karate, the law of the fist and the empty hand. Should I be forced to defend myself, my family or my friends, my principles or my honor; should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons, Kenpo Karate, the law of the fist and the empty hand.  

Orange Belt - Pledge of Understanding ORANGE BELT PLEDGE OF UNDERSTANDING   I understand that I am taking the first steps in mastering a unique and powerful art, and that to complete my journey I must dedicate my training to those who have traveled the path before me. These include my instructors, the current and past masters of our system, and other Black Belts.
Purple Belt - Pledge of Restraint PURPLE BELT PLEDGE OF RESTRAINT   I pledge solemnly and on my honor that I will never misuse my skills to hurt or make afraid. I will fight only if forced to defend myself. I will be slow to anger and take offense, and quick to forgive and forget personal affront.
Blue Belt - Pledge of Defense BLUE BELT PLEDGE OF DEFENSE  I shall never let pride rule my passions and will defend with all the
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skill I possess, the weak, the helpless, and the oppressed. I shall come forth with all of my abilities to defend my fellow man in time of need, regardless of race, religion or creed.

Green Belt - Pledge of Accomplishment GREEN BELT PLEDGE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT  I pledge that through persistence and determination I will continue to sharpen my skills, increase my knowledge and broaden my horizons. My skill will be tem¬≠pered in the fire of my will. My sweat will be the cologne of my accomplishment. I pledge an unending effort to accomplish the levels of skills as set forth by my instructors and my school.
Red Belt - Pledge of Loyalty
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I pledge never to take lightly the loyalty and trust that I share with my teachers in Kenpo. I will strive to attain and share that same loyalty and trust in my dealings with others inside and outside of the Karate School. I resolve that the loyalty and trust I give is not based upon an expected return but upon what is right to give.

Brown Belt - 3rd Class Instructors Pledge BROWN BELT 3rd CLASS INSTRUCTORS PLEDGE 

I pledge that I will obligate myself under the direction of my instructor to learn the skills of a teacher. I will strive to demonstrate an attitude of respect and appreciation for my students, my teachers and the teachings of Kenpo Karate. I promise to guide others toward an understanding of the responsibility that this knowledge entails. I make this pledge solemnly and on my honor .

Brown Belt - 2nd Class Pledge of Respect BROWN BELT 2nd CLASS PLEDGE OF RESPECT 

I pledge to treat others with courtesy and respect at all times whether inside or outside of the Karate School. I understand that the courtesy and respect I give may not always be returned to me equally but that my obligation as a trained martial artist and a good citizen is to act as a role model for others by demonstrating correct behavior at all times.

Brown Belt - 1st Class Advanced Brown Pledge of Determination BROWN BELT 1st CLASS ADVANCED BROWN PLEDGE OF DETERMINATION 

As I look forward to the next milestone in my training I hereby pledge to reaffirm my will and determination to accomplish my goals. These qualities have helped me reach this point in my training and they will continue to motivate me to reach and exceed my personal expectations in this and in all things.

Black Belt - 1st Degree Oath BLACK BELT 1st DEGREE OATH I pledge that my search for knowledge will never cease. I will strive to act with courtesy and respect, always searching for peaceful resolution. I will be honest and forthright in my dealings with others. My word will be my bond, my handshake my oath of friendship and trust. If ever forced to violence I will fight the good and righteous fight, always bearing in mind my obligations, responsibilities, and loyalty to God, my family, my country, and my friends. By honoring this sacred vow, I make myself worthy
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to join the ranks of the Kenpo Black Belt

Black Belt - 2nd Degree Pledge of Commitment BLACK BELT 2nd DEGREE PLEDGE OF COMMITMENT 

I pledge to be goal-oriented and resolute for myself and for the good

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of those that I can affect. I pledge to be result oriented with a firm conviction to affect the world in a positive way. I pledge to be forward thinking yet content with today but not satisfied with tomorrow.

Black Belt - 3rd Degree Pledge of Honor


I pledge on my honor to live up the expectations and guidelines set forth by the code of the modern warrior. I will be a

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polite contributor to the society of which I am a part. I am honored to walk in the footsteps of past great contributors to this noble discipline. I will strive to be worthy of future appreciation.