Gym Class Schedule

Boxing / KickBoxing & Fitness Classes
BOXING GROUP TRAINING Learn the punches, combinations, counters, footwork and body movement of Boxing, “the sweet science”. Includes partner drills plus lots of bag & mitt work. Great workout included.

Class Descriptions

Boxing: This class focuses on the more advanced movements of the sport. Drill certain combinations and footwork. Interactive drills like offense and defense with a partners. Plus, lots of mitt work with the coach!

Monday-Thursday: 7:10-8:10pm

Saturday: 11:30am-12:30pm

Fitness Boxing: 
A fun cardio based class, that will push you to your own personal limits. With different bag drills and floor work, you will always feel like you “left it all in the ring”.

Monday-Friday:  6:00-7:00am, 8:00-9:00am



MUAY THAI KICKBOXING TRAINING Train and learn Muay Thai Kickboxing. This 8 weapon fighting system develops the use of Hands, Elbows, Knees & Feet.
Monday & Wednesday- 6:10-7:10pm


COMBAT CONDITIONING Great workout doing plyometric exercises, strength and cardio training plus lots of ab and core work. This hardcore fitness class will push your conditioning limits and redefine your body. Saturday- 9:10-10a 

KIDS BOXING (8-12 yrs) Kid format provides a great physical workout while teaching basic boxing skills with some discipline thrown in and a heavy dose of fun. Wed 4-5p & Sat 10:00-11:00a
PERSONAL TRAINING 30-min and 1-hour personal training sessions with a certified trainer in Boxing, Kickboxing or Weight Training. The fastest way to improve. Various Times Available Monday thru Saturday
BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU  Learn submission grappling
BJJ: Monday thru Thursday 6-7p
With access to other Gracie-Barra classes around town